High qualification visa with work permit in Spain

In September 2013, the Spanish government released law 14/2013 to facilitate non-European investors and talents to get their residency and work permit in Spain. The law has a wide range of target audience including investors, entrepreneurs, highly-skill professionals and researchers.

Ever since its release, much attention was paid to the investor part. There has been very little attention paid to the highly-skill candidates. It is the case when you visit a lawyer, they might not have even heard of this law and they would insist that if you haven’t resided in Spain for more than 3 years, there’s no way you would get a work permit. But this is not the case!

We have seen quite a few cases which candidates get their work permit right after finishing their studies in Spain. To be eligible to apply for the highly-qualified law, the candidate must meet the profile:

  • Hold a senior level job or be highly skilled at what is he doing.
  • Hold a graduate or post graduate degree of prestigious business school.

In the meantime, there are a few requirements for the employer:

  • Must be a large business or corporate group
  • Must be a SME in strategic sector
  • Must develop a business project of general interest

Yet the requirements are not fixed as we have seen several cases which the employers could be from any sector regardless of the size of the company.

Documents of the company:

  1. Company data: CIF, major activities, business turnover, foreign investment etc.
  2. Application form
  3. Authorization of the applicant if the applicant cannot be present at the immigration office
  4. Work contract with a minimum gross salary of 26k
  5. Job description

Documents that needed to be presented by the applicant:

  1. Passport and NIE
  2. Spanish Resume
  3. Graduate or Post graduate degree of the Business school
  4. Non-criminal record from the country of origin (only in the case when no such record was provided to obtain the visa)

In the case the applicant has spouse or unmarried partner, children who are less than 18 years old, or who are more than 18 years old but are economically dependent on the applicants, or parents are in their charge, the applicant would need to provide:

  1. Passport copy of the family member
  2. Official translated document that demonstrates the relationship
  3. Non-criminal record from the country of origin (only in the case when no such record was provided to obtain the visa)

Once all the documents are submitted, it will take approximately 20 working days to validate the application. The visa will be then processed in 10 working days. The residence permit will allow its holder to live and work anywhere in Spain. If the applicant is not in Spain, he may obtain the residence visa after being rewarded the residence permit.

What are the advantages of applying for the highly-qualified law?

  1. Candidates would not have to reside in Spain for 3 years to get the work permit.
  2. It avoids long waiting time as all the cases are being reviewed at La Unidad de grandes empresas y colectivos estrategicos (UGE-CE).
  3. Instead of one year, the applicant will be able to get a work permit of 2 years at the first application.
  4. No economic needs test is applied.

For more information, please write me an email. Though the information seems clear and straightforward, it is recommended to apply via a lawyer. There have been some cases which the companies would say they can do all the process on their own, yet in the end the case got rejected.

We charge a very fair price for all the mentioned service. 😉

Success case:

Nationality: China

Employer sector: Tourism

Job position: International expansion manager

Salary: 26k+

Residence permit issued: 2 years

High qualification visa with work permit in Spain from China
High qualification visa with work permit in Spain from China

Administrative cost of the application: 70,40 €

Application service fee: 1,000 € plus IVA will be charged to the applicant. In the case with additional family member, 200€ will be charged to each family member.

Este es un artículo patrocinado para dar soporte a aquellas personas de países externos a la Unión Europea que quieran visitar España, estudiar y/o trabajar regularizados legalmente como personal altamente cualificado (en inglés).

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