Estafa desde Bank of China al Caribbean Royal Bank

Estafa desde Bank of China al Caribbean Royal Bank

Después de leer el primer email de la estafa de Bank of China, recibí una respuesta del supuesto estafador a mi intención de ayudarle a recaudar unos 8.370.000$ y decidí seguirle la corriente.

Después de enviarle una pequeña biografía fastama propia, he recibido un tercer email donde me indica una larga y elaborada historia donde finalmente me solicita los datos personales que te solicitan en estas comunes estafas.

Para mantener y comprender la historia de esta estafa de Bank of China con un llamativo titular de cobrar 8.370.000$, estos han sido los artículos precursores a este:

  1. Bank of China, kindly confirm upon reception
  2. Bank of China y la respuesta del estafador Heng Keung

Después de esta breve introducción y enlace a los artículos sobre Bank of China, en el nuevo y extenso email que me envía el estafador, por fin me solicita mis datos personales al final del mismo y parece que comienza a moverse esta estafa desde Bank of China al Caribbean Royal Bank. A continuación podéis verlo:

Dear Partner ,

Thank you very much for your email response and your enthusiasm to assist me in this project. I have exhaustively considered your response today and I am satisfied that you have an understanding of the need for absolute secrecy in this pending project, hence my firm belief that I can count on your total support and confidentiality. I would proceed without any reservation to bring you into the complete picture of this transaction. Before doing this, I would again like to reiterate the importance of c0nfidentiality, as I am career bankers who is still in active service and would not like my names to be brought to odium or my long tenure in office jeopardized.

I will be fully conscious in the pursuit of this project to make sure that we do not go against any local or international laws of funds transfer. You must understand that I am a family man and presently still serving here in the Bank of China. What I intend doing is to have your details that is your full name as documented, your telephone and fax numbers to contact you on as regards the transfer, your physical contact address, your age and also any possible identification.

With these, I should be able to place together all documentation in your name to prove to the authority that you are truly the next of kin/beneficiary to the estate and I will also have the probate letter signed at the Court of China. As soon as all these are done and ratification exercise takes place which we must surely scale through as I will make a lot of under the table arrangement here, I will place an application of claim in your name for the release of the funds. As soon as we have concluded with this arrangement using an international clearing agent, you will then have to open up a separate bank account in your name and you alone have to be the signatory.

This bank wills serve as an intermediary between your bank and the BOC. The aim of the intermediary bank is to receive the funds from the BOC and from there you can have the entire funds transferred bit by bit into any of your chosen bank account in your country. With this arrangement, even if there has to be a loop hole in what we have done so far the funds cannot be traced. These special banks which I will introduce to you are specialized in this aspect. They assist business men alike who do not want the heavy load of tax to eat into their fund, they also assist government official in taking our funds out of our country without due attention from any authority. This will certainly cost you some amount of money as you will be required to activate the account with their stipulated minimum account opening balance. I do hope you agree with me that it is a constant banking practice all over the world that you do not open an account on zero balance. This is not part of the cost on the project as I equally have an uphill task I have to conclude here. You will get to know more about this once we have both accepted to be partners in this venture. This will be your responsibility and I will have to perfect the rest of the arrangement. The account you have are account from regular banks they cannot serve the purpose here.

I do also hope you understand that due to the event of 9/11 money coming from one country to another is highly scrutinized and monitored. We cannot also pay tax here before the estate is transferred and also have to pay for taxes to the governor in your country. To curb such negative effect, this is while we will have to make use of the intermediary offshore banking systems located in the offshore tax haves such as the CARIBBEAN ROYAL BANK. From the set up account, you can transfer money from the touch pad of any telephone without due attention by your authorities. If we have to pay taxes by making the transfer directly to your country the project then become worthless as the proceeds will be meaningless for us to share. I am old and getting close to retirement. This is my only opportunity to leave fortunes for my family so I cannot throw caution to the wind hence I must make the picture clear before we commence matters. It is all going to be a bank to bank affair you do not need to worry in as much as you follow my words as religiously as possible.

I will also like to know more about your biography to further increase my level of trust and confidence in you as I am afraid that anyone can make away with my entire funds once it gets to his/her possession. I want you to please make me believe in you that you will not let me down. I am a gentleman of honor who has this opportunity and will not let it go having worked in this sector for several years. This is my only opportunity and I will not toy with it. I will also assure you that I know what I am doing and to the best of my knowledge, the entire project is legitimate and very risk free in as much as we observe high level of confidentiality and treat this matter accordingly with the two of us sharing ideas and not missing words.

My next email will contain my bio data and my scanned identity. As partners, i want you to understand this email, knowing the commitment required at your end.

If you have further knowledge on how we can go about this matter let us then open the room for discussion and let us deal with this matter totally. Upon your response and also stating your ability to handle the project, I will inform you on what you need do to have an account established in an offshore tax haven. This will be your only commitment to the success of the project. I need you to let me know

Best regards,




Desde Bank of China al Caribbean Royal Bank

Después de toda esta parafarnalia y en resumidas cuentas, me explica que tras el 11S (atentado contra las torres gemelas en Estados Unidos), los controles financieros son mucho mayores y estrictos.

Por esa razón, me habla de realizar los movimientos de la estafa desde el banco Caribbean Royal Bank. Suena bastante a paraíso fiscal… si, de esos que muchos de nuestros políticos, deportistas, famosillos y grandes empresarios abusan

Qué bien pensado lo tiene, qué ganas de conocer el siguiente paso.

Para acabaro, me indica que me enviará un siguiente email con su biografía y su pasaporte escaneado. E insiste en darle más detalles sobre mi biografía. Al mismo tiempo que solicitarme mi nombre completo en algún documento oficial, dirección postal, teléfono, fax y cualquier otro tipo de documentación acreditativa. Vamos… que lo tendría muy fácil para suplantar mi identidad.

Comienza a salpicar esta estafa al Caribbean Royal Bank

¿De quién será el pasaporte que recibiré?

¿Será robado o falsificado?

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